A downloadable MatchThem Beta for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

A New & Different Game!  With lots of sex, humor, 30 playable characters with their own stories, and more...You Have To Try It!

With its minimalist game style, MatchThemt allows you to know a wide variety of characters, from Bussines executives to Zombies and Aliens!

  • With a Simple game style, you just Match Them! 
  • If they get tired of fucking just talk to them a little, it will make them feel better and you'll get to know them.
  • They will level up and learn new poses if you show them that you are paying attention!

This game wouldn't be possible without the support of my patrons so thanks to you all!

MatchThem is completely Free To Play...But it would be really cool if you supported my shit on Patreon, You'll get bonus points and will allow me to add more, characters, sex positions, and locations to the game!.

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This is a beta release, which means it is still in the development stages...so don't lose your mind if things go wrong.

Please report those if possible so I can fix those ASAP.

To check my Devlog click here

Install instructions

Uninstall the previous version and start a new game.

There are two options for android phones, Older and Newer Phones so pay attention to that.


MatchThemBeta-0.01652-Android-Newer-Phones.apk 122 MB
MatchThemBeta-0.01652-Android-Older-Phones.apk 122 MB
MatchThemBeta-0.01652-win.zip 134 MB
MatchThemBeta-0.01652-mac.zip 113 MB
MatchThemBeta-0.01652-linux.tar.bz2 116 MB

Development log


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Love this game! Deadbird did a great job making this dating sim, its chill to play and super sexy at the same time. I love his art style

Glad you like it, bro! I'm currently working on a bigger and better version